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The picturesque fishing village of Findochty, on the North East coast of Scotland.

About Station Road Holiday Cottage

Station Road is also know locally as ‘Pub Brae’, this is because the blue and white house next door used to be the village drinking establishment!

The house as it stands is dated 1902, but according to records the house dates back to 1841, but it would have been a much smaller dwelling back then. It was simply known as ’38, Findochty’ – this was before street names were introduced.

The first people to have lived here were David and Jean Flett (Findochty has a lot of Flett’s!), David was a fisherman. The house stayed within the Flett family until the 1960’s.

When we bought the property it had been empty for over 18 months and was in a terrible state. It had been refurbished on the 1970’s but little done since then and was full of damp. Unfortunately there was little for us to discover as many of the original features had been ripped out years before. Our most exciting find was an old fire safe tucked away under the stairs, weighing a mere 13 stone!

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